“How can you miss a girl like me?”…An ex-girl group member sent advice about her cheating ex-boyfriend

Singer Cho Hyun-young, a former member of girl group Rainbow, revealed the story with her ex-boyfriend.

On April 18th, Cho Hyun-young posted on her YouTube channel “[Just Hyun-young]” a video titled “PD…You should keep this story to yourself.” 


In the video released on the same day, a netizen sent their story, saying “Until now, three out of my six relationships failed due to my unfaithful partners. Because of the continuous cheating and separation, I no longer trust my girlfriend, and even my last relationship failed due to that trauma. Now, I don’t even look at people who seem to be at a higher level than me in the first place,” they said, asking Cho Hyun-young for counseling on their worries.


Cho Hyun-young said, “I think the problem is that your self-esteem is too low. In particular, it sounded strange for you to say, “I don’t even look at people who seem to be at a higher level than me in the first place.”


She advised, “Sharing your level means that you are telling them you already lower your level this much,” adding, “You don’t have to think you’re weird just because you broke up because they cheated on you.”

She also revealed her past stories. Cho Hyun-young said, “I once broke up with my boyfriend because he cheated on me. But I felt sorry for that person. How can you miss a woman like me because of such a mistake?”


“Instead of lowering your self-esteem, you should try to be a better person. Set a goal and get the results. The sense of accomplishment that comes from success raises my self-esteem a lot,” she explained.


“You should try to think that you are a person who can do anything. No matter how well other people talk about you, never change it,” she added.


Netizens who watched the video responded in various ways in Cho Hyun-young’s YouTube comments section, such as, “Those who are unfaithful will cheat no matter how beautiful their partners are,” “I realize Cho Hyun-young’s personality is good after watching this video,” and “I want to get counseling next time.”


Meanwhile, Cho Hyun-young made her face known as a member of girl group Rainbow which debuted in 2009. After Rainbow was disbanded, she has been steadily communicating with viewers through her YouTube channel and Instagram.

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