Goo Ha-ra opened up her heart: “My mind was in distress…I’m so sorry”

Goo Ha-ra, an ex-member of KARA who was rescued after trying to commit suicide, has updated her recent situation.

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Goo Ha-ra apologized through various Japanese media sources, including Sports Hochi, on the 28th, saying “I’m very sorry for causing concern and making you guys worried.”

Goo Ha-ra, who has been active in Japan recently, directly informed her Japanese agency that she is recovering her health. She also confessed that she had had a weak mind because of the overlap of various things and decided to make a choice she shouldn’t have made.

Goo Ha-ra said, “I’m very sorry for causing concern and stirring up the world. My condition is recovering.” She continued, “My heart was in distress due to various reasons. Now, I will try to strengthen my heart and do my best to show you guys a healthy appearance of mine. I’m really sorry.

According to Gangnam Police Station on the 26th, Goo Ha-ra attempted to make an extreme choice of committing suicide at her home in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, at around 0:40 a.m. on May 26th but was rescued after her manager reported to the police. Police were dispatched after receiving a report from the manager and rescued the woman from her home. At the time of the rescue, traces of smoke were found inside Goo Ha-ra’s house.

Since September last year, Goo has been in a legal conflict with her ex-boyfriend, surnamed Choi, over her personal life, and has recently complained of distress with persistent malicious comments. It has been revealed belatedly that she suffered from depression due to a series of incidents.

The news of Goo Ha-ra was followed by warm and caring words of comfort from her entertainment colleagues, seniors and juniors. Actor Han Jung-soo wrote a comment cheering for her, saying, “Be strong. You can be stronger after all the things you have been through“. Producer Yoo Ho-jin also posted a comment of encouragement, “I wish for your recovery. Because there are so many people in the world who support you! Energize yourself and come back“. Singer Bada (former member of S.E.S) also said, “Hara, when you forgive the world even when the world doesn’t understand you at all, it’s mean you are a much wiser person. So let’s live with me and those who love you. Ha-ra, you can do it.

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