Girls Planet 999 is just a new name of the Produce series after vote manipulation scandals?

Many viewers are not very interested in Girls Planet 999 because they are afraid that Mnet will continue to manipulate votes like before.

Girls Planet 999 is the latest idol’s reality competition show announced by Mnet from the beginning of 2021. The contestants are female trainees and idols born before January 1, 2006. Mnet calls this a “global group” project because the contestants come from different countries: China, Japan and South Korea. 

On July 29, Mnet released the official performance stage of Girls Planet 999 with 99 contestants this year.  Girls Planet’s format is also quite similar to the previous Produce series. The girls also have to practice and compete for a spot in the final debut lineup.

Girls Planet 999

Although the show has only aired a few first episodes, Mnet has received lots of negative comments from netizens:

-This is exactly like Produce, they just changed the name.

– Should we boycott all Mnet’s survival shows? They only changed the name.

– Only changing the main PD doesn’t mean they won’t rig the votes this time, it’s Mnet after all. 

– Can they please stop doing survival shows?

– Will fans are allowed to vote or Mnet has already decided the final lineup?

– Will there be more manipulation? Or they already picked the debut lineup, then what’s the point of making the trainees compete?

A while ago, many fans were skeptical about the voting system and the final debut lineup of Produce. Eventually, Mnet’s vote manipulation was brought to light when Ahn Joon Young – the main PD of the Produce series was arrested on November 6, 2019.

Ahn Joon Young has admitted to manipulating the votes of ‘Produce 48‘ and ‘Produce X 101‘. After many days of investigation, he revealed the rankings of ‘Produce 101‘ season 1 and season 2 were also rigged. 

Girls Planet 999
PD Ahn Joon Young – The production director in charge of Produce X 101 was handcuffed and taken to a detention center
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