G-Dragon’s military enlistment: Will ‘The King of Kpop’’s throne be stolen like Bi Rain’s?

Bi Rain used to be “The King of Kpop”, but after he finished his military service, he gradually lost his form. And now, many fans are worrying that G-Dragon will be in the same situation.

“As the undisputed K-pop king, G-Dragon has not only transcended this label, but also his genre, and he does so by pushing boundaries and retaining a tightly drawn veil of mystique. It’s no wonder he has also captured the admiration of fashion’s elite, and collaborated with such artists as Justin Bieber, Diplo, Baauer, Skrillex”, Vogue wrote about G-Dragon.
Not only does Vogue call G-Dragon “The King of K-pop” but so do many other Korean online newspapers.
Bi Rain used to be known as a “King” but only at the time when G-Dragon newly debuted. He was always on the top in the music industry until he enlisted to the military in 2011. At that time, the “throne” transfer took place obviously and quickly as Bi Rain was going on a hiatus and his hoobaes, including G-Dragon, started to make breakthroughs.

Bi Rain: The leader of Halluy wave.

Bi Rain had a hard time while he was a trainee, he applied to many companies but was refused. If they did accept him, he was pushed to undergo plastic surgery because the companies believed that his appearance was not suitable to be an idol.
Because of that reason, the help given by Rain’s boss -Park Jin Young- becomes more and more meaningful. Even to this day, both of them have maintained their close relationship. In 2002, Bi Rain debuted under JYP and achieved his first success with his solo album “Bad Guy”. This legendary song is still covered by many hoobaes presently.

Bi Rain’s career kept developing fast. The title track of his 3rd album “It’s Raining” ranked 1st on Music Charts in Korea and became a phenomenon in the entire Asia. The album also sold 1 million copies, bringing Bi Rain closer to the gold throne. In that year, to increase his reputation, he started his concert tour Rainy Day 2005, including 14 concerts at 8 countries.
KPOp, JYP, Bi Rain, 2018
Bi Rain was considered as the leader of Hallyu wave because of his international achievements. In 2006, he appeared on the list of “100 Most Influential People Who Shape Our World” by Time magazine. His concerts in America were also welcomed by the audience.
In 2 years 2008-2009, he played a role in 2 Hollywood movies, Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin directed by Wachowskis

G-Dragon: The King in both music and fashion industry.

It’s hard to list all the achievements of Big Bang’s leader, but since his first album “Heartbreaker” and its title track with the same name were published in 2009 and achieved big success, he proved that it was him, not anyone else, that deserved to be the next King of Kpop.
G-Dragon is the owner of tons of records, and so far, he has only broken his own records, which none of his hoobaes can do. Among them, “One of a kind” broke the record of “Heartbreaker” and became the best-selling album of a solo artist in Korea
Next, in 2013, he became the 1st Korean solo artist to hold an amazing concert tour in Japan. In the same year, G-Dragon was awarded “Artist of the year” at Mnet Asian Music Awards after the success of his 2nd album “Coup d’Etat”.

Kpop, Big Bang, G-dragon, 2018
G-Dragon himself wrote lyrics and produced music to create his own style.

In 2016, G-Dragon was on the list of “30 Under 30 Asia” in the field of entertainment and sports.
Besides being “the King of Kpop”, G-Dragon is also a fashion icon in Korea. Since his debut, he looked more outstanding than his colleagues in terms of fashion. During the last years, G-Dragon regularly attended big fashion events and was the only Asian guest to be invited to Chanel Haute Couture in 2015.
With his unique, remarkable style and perfect combination of famous fashion brands, G-Dragon is like a chameleon that easily looks outstanding in all events

G-Dragon is unique, the only one.

Many celebrities are afraid of and avoid enlisting to the army when they are at the peak of their career. Before, even G-Dragon and Bi Rain were criticized about this many times. And the fact has proved that the military service which can last up to 2 years can totally affect an artist’s career.
Bi Rain is a clear example. Before, he was “the King of Kpop”, but after going on a hiatus for 2 years, his comeback in 2013 didn’t bring him any success. His products were still welcomed, but since 2013, Bi Rain’s reputation in music industry has clearly decreased.
How about G-Dragon? Will he in the same situation as Bi Rain after finishing his military service? Talking about this, G-Dragon’s fans must be more confident. The reason is that if Bi Rain still causes controversies over his singing-voice, G-Dragon has completely proved his talent.

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G-Dragon – “King of Kpop”

Above all, G-Dragon really built his own empire by composing and producing music by himself, which none of his hoobaes can do.
G-Dragon doesn’t want to be like any other K-pop idols, he is confident and pushes himself to be totally new, unique and the only one. In an interview, he shared that: “The Kpop market can be very perfect at the moment, but in the future, it may obstruct me, like a prison”

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