fromis_9’s Chaeyoung’s skirt fell off on stage, but she handled the situation professionally

Chae Young had a little accident on stage, but luckily she still wore protective pants, avoiding the disaster situation.

Fromis_9 is a group formed from the survival show Idol School. Their new song “Love Bomb” is receiving a lot of attention. On October 20th on Music Core, the member Lee Chae Young was having trouble with her skirt while performing. The incident occurred at the beginning of the song. The female idol was wearing protective pants when her skirt fell off, so she luckily avoided the disaster situation. Chae Young then quickly took her skirt off, and continued performing wearing only protective pants.

Chae Young (long orange hair in the right corner) had trouble with the skirt. Fortunately the singer was wearing protective pants.

Many viewers were startled by the incident of Lee Chae Young: “Well I’m shocked”, “With such strong dance moves they must have fixed the skirt for sure.”; “Fortunately, there was protection pants inside”.

Chae Young also dropped the mic so in the last part of the song, she could only dance with one hand, the other hand holding the mic. She was then praised for their professionalism, fast handling on stage.

The group’s “Love Bomb” performance.

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