Former miss A member Min to return with a new song after 4 years of disbandment

Min (Lee Min-young) from miss A will return with her new song “ONION.” 

On November 5th, K Tigers Entertainment released a teaser video for Min’s new solo album “ONION” on its official SNS, raising expectations for Min, who will make a comeback after a long time. 

In the teaser video, Min showed off her sexy yet cute charm in the background of a vivid color with the spelling of the title song “ONION” moving. Fans are paying attention to her unchanged beauty and attractive visuals. Min will start her career as a female solo artist through her pre-debut album and showcase a somewhat lively and mature new charm, which is different from the previous intense girl crush image. 

In particular, Min’s title song “ONION” is a song that encourages everyone in the world to accept each other, as each person can have various aspects of themselves and can change in personality depending on the opponent.

Min made her official debut as a member of miss A in 2010 after seven years of training at JYP. miss A is a girl group that not only achieved the top spot in popularity within 21 days of its debut, but also topped the Melon chart, topped the list of Melon charts that year, and made a record of being the group to win a Daesang in the shortest period of time, leaving an all-time impact. As miss A‘s main vocalist, Min made a strong impression by performing excellent live and spectacular performances. 

Meanwhile, Min will return splendidly as a soloist with her new album “ONION,” which will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on November 8.

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