Fans laughed at the dating evidence of V (BTS) and Irene (Red Velvet)

Recently, the topic “V and Irene implied their dating through lyrics?” received great attention from netizen on the forum Pann Nate.

The original poster said that V and Irene implicitly mentioned each other in the lyrics of Boy with Luv (BTS) and Psycho (Red Velvet). Specifically, the lyrics sung by V contain the phrase “Your beautiful photos, I always keep them under the soft pillow ~ oh bae”. Meanwhile, Irene sang the English line “I’m orginal visual”. Netizen said that “bae” is Irene because her real name is Bae Joo Hyun, while “vi” in “visual” is a combination of “V and I”.

Fans laughed at the dating evidence of V (BTS) and Irene (Red Velvet)

Since they are the two top Kpop idols, a dating rumor is enough to make fans eager and curious. However, when seeing the OP speculating the relationship between V – Irene based on … the lyrics of BTS and Red Velvet, many fans … can’t stop laughing. Korean netizens said that this is the “funniest dating rumor”. Many people ask shippers to stop being “paranoid” because the song lyrics don’t mean anything. Also, Boy with Luv’s production team didn’t include V, so this theory doesn’t make any sense.

Fans laughed at the dating evidence of V (BTS) and Irene (Red Velvet)

Here are some comments: “So funny, if this is evidence of dating then Kpop should have discovered hundreds of other couples already”; “In Cypher Pt.4, RM sang the word” bae “18 times. Is that also considered a signal that RM is dating Irene?”; “Stop being delusional” …

V (born in 1995) and Irene (born in 1991) are paired up by many international fans because of their outstanding visuals. At the awards ceremonies, fans often keep an eye on every move of the visual couple. Some fans believe that V and Irene “have something to do with each other”, while many claim that the two are just normal colleagues.

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