Fans believe that Twice will re-sign with JYP just because of Da Hyun’s statement

Fans think that it is very likely that Twice members will renew their contracts, because the group has plans to work in Japan in 2022.

On July 28, Twice held a livestream on the occasion of the release of the Japanese album Perfect World. During more than an hour of chatting with fans, the members recounted their memories and expressed their feelings after 4 years of working in the Japanese market. The remarkable detail is when Dahyun talked about the plans in 2022: “Next year will be the 5th anniversary of the group’s debut in Japan. We will still release many music products, so please support us!”

Fans believe that Twice will re-sign with JYP just because of Da Hyun's statement

Da Hyun’s statement made the Once community go crazy. Since Da Hyun has confirmed that more Japanese songs will be released in 2022, fans believe that Twice will most likely re-sign with JYP and continue working. According to reports, Twice signed their contract in 2015, so their contract will expire in 2022. Recently, many posts from fans expressed concern about Twice’s ability to renew their contract. Various fans think that JYP is “completing the KPI” before discussing Twice’s new contract in 2022, because the company continues to allow the group release many products in Korea and Japan while also accelerating the project of launching a new female group. Fans are leaning towards the notion that Twice is ready to stay with JYP for many more years and has detailed future plans, thanks to Da Hyun’s sharing.

On Twitter, fans are “crazy” at the news that Twice may be renewing the contract. Many fans are full of hope that all 9 members will stay at the company and continue to promote together. Although the peak has passed, Twice is still JYP’s most profitable group, maintaining a stable popularity in Korea and Japan. Twice is also heading to the US, with an English single in September. Considering the potential that Twice brings in the future, fans affirmed that JYP will not easily give up on such the “golden goose”. However, there are also comments saying that Twice can’t disband, but it’s also difficult to work with a 9-member lineup, because there will be members who leave the company to find new directions, as was the case with SNSD before this.

Some comments: “I really hope Twice will renew the contract. The group can still do well in Japan and Korea”; “JYP should learn from GOT7’s case and treat Twice better”; “If Twice leaves, JYP will die”; “It is not certain that all 9 members will renew with JYP, but I will continue to pray”; “JYP is about to debut a new girl group, will they still care about Twice?”; “There are many more songs to come, which means that the group has recorded many new songs and plans to release them in the future”; “Twice is the hardest working group I’ve ever known. They work non-stop and no matter what next year, I will always support the girls”…

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