Fans are touched as Karina sent sweet congratulation message at 00:00 am on aespa’s one year anniversary

Karina’s action is being praised on various online communities for fans.

On November 17, the day of aespa’s one year anniversary, member Karina reportedly sent a special message to congratulate the members and fans on the group’s Bubble chat box. Bubble is a paid application created by SM, on which fans of SM’s groups can send and receive messages directly from their idols. 

In her message, Karina said,

“Happy one year anniversary~~~~~!
So we have already debuted for a year….

Thank you for being with us for the past year!!! I’m really seriously ‘cabbagely’ ‘carrotly’ touched, for real..
I was half joking half telling the truth, so I didn’t expect you to actually bring cabbages and carrots to the concert. As they say you become who you love, MYs don’t say things they don’t do.

So cute!!!

I was very burdened and worried before my debut, but now I have received so much love that all the worries disappeared. Your love even makes me feel sorry for having worried.

In the future, I want to give you nothing to worry or feel bad about and I want to give you good things to watch and to listen to. Of course I can’t guarantee that there will be no hardship in our long journey together, but I hope we can become ones that give each other strength, even though I think we are already in that kind of relationship. I also hope I can give my unnies strength and make them happy!!!”

During an online fan meeting, a MY asked Karina what they should bring to the World Kpop Concert to see aespa for the first time, as aespa hasn’t had an official lightstick. Karina jokingly said that MYs should bring carrots and cabbages instead. This is why in the message, Karina mentioned cabbages and carrots, which are what she usually calls her fans on Bubble.

On the same day of the anniversary, a netizen on popular Korean online forum Nate Pann made a post about Karina‘s sweet message, pointing out an interesting fact that the SM idol sent her congratulation at 00:00 am, November 17. This proves that Karina had waited to send her words at exactly the time aespa turned one year old.

The post has been viewed 159,254 times. It also received 425 agrees and 95 disagrees, along with 122 comments praising Karina for her touching words.

Here are the top comments:

[+153, -15] I went crazy because of her. Jimin-ah ㅠㅠ

[+134, -16] These kinds of leaked content should be kept. Why are antis telling OP to take it down? You hate aespa doing well that much?

[+129, -16] She is just..For real….I came thinking I wouldn’t be able to see Karina being cursed at on a place full of antis like Pann. We must protect Karina.

[+25, -24] Look at the agrees and disagrees ㄱㄱ aespa let’s be together for a long time.

What do you think of Karina’s message? Tell us in the comments.

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