Fancafe of ‘Snowdrop’ male lead Jung Hae In: ‘collaboration’ with interfans of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo pissed off K-netizens even more

Before Jung Hae In’s fancafe was ‘exposed’, most criticism was directed at Jisoo, BLACKPINK and their fans.

Regarding the controversy over Snowdrop’s distortion of history, one of the main reasons why BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, who plays the female lead, gets criticized the most is because of the way fans (especially international fans) blindly defend and show their support. With the script being the major cause for this chaos, those who are supposed to take the blame are Snowdrop’s writer, director, and producer. But many BLACKPINK fans have caused Jisoo to become the most mentioned name on online communities in Korea in numerous negative comments, from mocking to heavy criticism. 


However, recently, the male lead Jung Hae In also became another target of criticism after netizens discovered what is going on in the actor’s fancafe. Specifically, in the last 2 days, Jung Hae In‘s Korean fans on his fancafe have been calling for each other to sign a petition to the Blue House.

fancafe jung hae in snowdrop

[Notice] Please join and press agree

Make sure to join

Let’s protect together

“It seems that the Gallery is currently editing the missing content here”

“I pressed agree. I’m asking my acquaintances to join”

“If I see that the post has been edited, I will re-post it immediately. Looks like it’s almost done”

“I also pressed’ agree!”

“This is the edited petition. Let’s work together again”

fancafe jung hae in snowdrop

[Notice] Please agree to the edited petition

“I submitted agree”


“I already agreed”

“Clicked agree. I’ve logged into every account I have to sign it”

“Done!! If you have read the petition, everyone knows that every word in it is accurate. I pressed yes with all my heart”

“Agreed. Facebook/Kakao/Twitter/Naver. Everyone, you can sign with any account.”

fancafe jung hae in snowdrop

[Final petition]

Everyone is waiting, right?

I reviewed many of the comments on the mini gallery “Snowdrop” and re-posted it as a final petition.

Let’s work together.

fancafe jung hae in snowdrop


“I agreed!!!”

“Done. Please sign with all accounts~!”

“Use both your family’s and close ones’ phones to sign as well”

Korean netizens are enraged even more by the fact that Jung Hae In’s fans are signing the petition created to support Snowdrop, asking for the drama to continue airing. Notably, this is also one of the two petitions that BLACKPINK‘s international fans were singing a few days ago, sparking outrage because The Blue House website was originally a place only for Korean citizens to voice their wishes and opinions.

After the “collaboration” between Jung Hae In’s fans and Jisoo’s fans were exposed, both the actor and his fans are drawing criticism from Korean netizens. Before Snowdrop’s official release, Jung Hae In also came under fire for saying he “learned history through the script” in an interview. So, the current situation is like adding more fuel to the fire, causing Jung Hae In’s bright career and image to be severely damaged. 

  • “Like actor like fan”
  • “This whole mess makes me realize that there are still many people who put idols above the country”
  • “Aren’t they ashamed, as Korean citizens?”
  • “Compared to BLACKPINK’s international fans, I’m more disgusted with his fans because they’re also Koreans”
  • “Because of these idiotic fans, from now on, Jung Hae In will never be able to restore his previous image”
  • “Wow when I first read it, I thought they signed the petition to ban the broadcast ㅋㅋㅋ How could they be this crazy”
  • “Without Snowdrop, he will still be fine, no? If fans insist on supporting him like this, Jung Hae In’s career will be over”
  • “Wait, they asked their family and friends to participate but could only get that many signatures? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
  • “Can “D.P 2” re-cast the male lead? Please, I don’t want to stop watching
  • “Like actor like fans ㅋㅋ Please sit back before Jung Hae In’s career is further ruined”

Meanwhile, as of December 22, Snowdrop is currently facing 2 lawsuits filed by individuals and organizations with Korean government agencies. In addition, many brands sponsoring and having endorsement deals with the drama also drop out and post apologies to avoid being boycotted by the public. 

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