EXO Kai, “When fans don’t like my styling idea, I pretend like it’s SM’s fault”

EXO member Kai released a behind-the-scenes story about his stage concepts and styling.

On March 18th, the Youtube channel of “GQ Korea” uploaded a video titled “Kai is here to properly take over K-POP. Who here hasn’t seen Kai’s crop top…”.


In the video, Kai talked about different concepts and stylings that he has tried through various album promotions. He shared, “After many meetings and considerations, the visuals and costumes are decided”.

He continued, “My opinion is probably the most important, because it’s my solo album”, adding “It’s my opinion, but when fans don’t like it, I feel a little sad”.

Kai smiled shyly and said, “Then I pretend like that was not my opinion. ‘This is SM’s work’. I don’t say anything and just move on”. He also reenacted his expression of pretending to not know anything when reading negative reactions from fans, such as “Jong In ah, this is a little…”, drawing laughter.


Kai also revealed what he considers important when wearing his own clothes. The male idol said, “Fans don’t like wide pants, so I wear pants that make my legs look long. Because I want to show my fans what they like”.

He added, “Fans also don’t like bulky tops, so I wear things that fit a bit more. I want to look good for my fans. It makes me happy and my fans are happy, too”, showing his extraordinary love for fans.

Source: Daum

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