“Exhuma” Kim Go-eun “I and Lee Do-hyun are clearly master and disciple. I received a text from him saying ‘Thank you'”

Kim Go-eun shared an anecdote about receiving a "thank you" message from Lee Do-hyun, who is currently serving in the military

Kim Go-eun, who starred in the movie “Exhuma” (directed by Jang Jae-hyun), revealed her thoughts on its success through an interview held on February 26th in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Released on February 22nd, “Exhuma” tells a strange story that occurs to a feng shui, a funeral director and a shaman who are paid to relocate a tomb. Surpassing 1 million viewers just three days after its release, “Exhuma” surpassed 2 million viewers on the fourth day, creating a syndrome.

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Kim Go-eun played the role of “Hwa-rim”, a shaman who soothes revengeful spirits. Following the release of the film, attention has been drawn to the chemistry between Kim Go-eun and Lee Do-hyun, who played the role of “Bong-gil”, another shaman.

Describing their relationship, Kim Go-eun said, “Bong-gil and I are clearly master and disciple. The director also told me that Bong-gil is a disciple who must treat me with respect.”

She continued, “Shamans sometimes have younger masters. There are many disciples who treat younger masters with respect.” Regarding various reactions surrounding the two, she shared, “Maybe it’s because the chemistry between Bong-gil and me is good.

kim go eun

Responding to suggestions for a spin-off featuring the two characters, Kim Go-eun expressed delight, saying, “That would be great. Director Jang Jae-hyun would have to write it for it to happen.”

Lee Do-hyun is currently serving in the military. He recently took leave to watch “Exhuma”. Kim Go-eun said, “I received a text from him saying ‘Thank you, sis’, so I asked, ‘For what?’ He replied, ‘For acting together.’ It felt a bit awkward. I replied, ‘Thank you too.’

Meanwhile, “Exhuma” continues to perform well, recording a cumulative audience of 2,299,729 just four days after its release.

Source: Naver

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