“Did you go to the same place?”… Jennie – V, “New York date” lovestagram suspicion

V, who has recently been embroiled in dating rumors with Jennie, is being suspected of “lovestagram”.

On Sep 6th, BTS V posted several photos on his Instagram with the caption “in NY”.

The released photos showed V recording the moment when he visited New York, USA on Aug 24th.

In particular, a photo drew attention as it contained the scenery of the sunset beach, which is believed to have been taken on the ferry.

blackpink jennie bts v

This is because Jennie also uploaded about her visit to New York through SNS on Aug 31st. She released photos of the ferry and the sunset scenery.

blackpink jennie bts v

In addition, after the fact that netizens witnessed V and Park Bo-gum spread through online communities, suspicions of “lovestagram” were raised that the hat V was wearing at that time was the same as the hat worn by Jennie in a photo recently leaked by the hacker.

On the other hand, there were also netizens who expressed opinions such as “New York is a port city, so the scenery can overlap”, “I don’t know if it’s the same place, but everyone is too much” and “The position of the sun is different.”

Recently, Jennie and BTS V have been embroiled in dating rumors. In particular, A, who is believed to be a hacker, leaked a number of photos containing the two’s affectionate daily life, raising concerns about hacking.

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