Davichi Lee Hae-ri to get married in July… Her boyfriend is not a celebrity

Davichi Lee Hae-ri will get married and become a bride in July.

On May 11th, Davichi‘s agency Wake One announced the news of Lee Hae-ri‘s marriage through an official statement.

The agency said,Davichi Lee Hae-ri will marry her beloved lover in July. The wedding will be held in a small form with family, relatives and friends.”


The agency then explained the reason for not being able to disclose details, “We ask for your understanding that it is difficult to disclose details regarding their marriage in consideration of both parties’ families and the groom, who is not a celebrity.”

On the same day, Lee Hae-ri left a long handwritten letter on her Instagram to inform fans of her marriage.


Lee Hae-ri expressed her affection towards the groom, “I still can’t believe it but I’m getting married. He’s a good person who I laugh a lot with and I have a lot to learn from. I want to cherish him and spend time with him forever.”


Lee Hae-ri added, “I’ll continue to sing as Davichi Lee Hae-ri, laugh and talk alongside Min-kyung as always. Thank you for loving me unconditionally, Davichi Chord. I’ll wait for the day we can meet at the concert venue, and I’ll repay you with a good album.”


Meanwhile, Davichi debuted in February 2008 as a two-member female vocal group consisting of Kang Min-kyung and Lee Hae-ri. They received steady love by releasing a number of hit songs such as “Love and War”, “8282” and “Don’t Say Goodbye”.

Source: insight.co.kr

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