Current status of “Reply 1994” student who waited in front of Seo Tai Ji’s house with Do Hee

Actress Joo Se Bin’s agency ANDMARQ recently released behind-the-scenes photos of her photo shoot.

Joo Se Bin conducted a photo shoot under the concept of “good and evil”.

She aroused admiration with her unchanging visuals despite the conflicting atmosphere.

Joo Se-bin
Joo Se-bin

In particular, Joo Se Bin showed the aspect of a “pictorial master” while carefully monitoring during the photo shoot.

Joo Se Bin impressed viewers with her intense acting as Hong Nan Hee in JTBC’s drama “The Empire”, which ended last November.

Joo Se-bin

Joo Se Bin made her face known by appearing on Mnet’s “Idol School” in 2017.

Joo Se Bin attracted attention with her pretty appearance at that time.

In particular, many people asked if she was mixed race because of her thick double eyelids and big eyes.

Joo Se-bin

Before appearing on “Idol School”, Joo Se Bin was active as a member of girl group Tiny-G. However, as the team was disbanded, she had no choice but to give up her singing career.

Joo Se Bin later attended Dongguk University’s Department of Theater.

Joo Se-bin

She had been dreaming of becoming a singer since childhood, but turned to acting and is appearing in various works.

Joo Se Bin was selected as a cover model for “College Tomorrow” during college days.

Joo Se Bin made a cameo appearance in tvN’s “Reply 1994” in 2013.

Joo Se Bin played the role of waiting in front of Seo Tai Ji’s house with Do Hee.

Joo Se-bin
Joo Se Bin

At that time, Joo Se Bin had a baby face.

Joo Se Bin is conveying various aspects as an actress by continuing her work activities such as “Class of Lies”, “True Beauty” and “Fly, Again”.

Meanwhile, Joo Se Bin announced the news of signing an exclusive contract with ANDMARQ in September last year.

Joo Se Bin originally worked under her real name Kim Myung Ji, but has been acting under the stage name Joo Se Bin since her exclusive contract.

Source: Daum

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