“Choi Ye-na’s older brother” idol-turned-actor Choi Sung-min is reportedly working part-time at a cafe to earn his living

Actor Choi Sung-min, a former member of idol group Co-ed School, revealed his recent situation working at a cafe.

MBC’s program“DNA Mate”, which aired on August 16th, showed Choi Ye-na, a former member of IZ*ONE, surprisingly visiting the cafe where her brother Choi Sung-min works.

On the broadcast, MC Kim Jong-eun carefully asked Choi Sung-min, “You’re known as Choi Ye-na’s brother, but still, you were an idol from group Co-ed School, weren’t you?”. 

choi seong min

Choi Sung-min replied, “I made my debut in 2010 as a member of Co-ed School”. At the request of MC Kim Jong-eun, Choi Sung-min showed the greeting he used to do during the time he was an idol.

In the interview with the production team, Choi Sung-min said, “I started working in winter so I’ve worked here more than half a year. I receive offers for broadcasts and works but my livelihood is still the most important thing”. Having a job with no fixed income, he revealed to have started working part-time at the cafe to earn his living. 

choi seong min

The broadcast then showed Choi Sung-min working restlessly with so many orders. Seeing Choi Sung-min’s appearance at work, Jo Joon-hyun turned to him and said, “You look very mature. You’re really living a hard-working life.”

Choi Sung-min was also seen bickering with Choi Ye-na and showing off his appearance as an older brother by taking pretty pictures for his sister. After finishing his part-time job at the cafe, Choi Sung-min spent time working out with Choi Ye-na and dancing to his sister’s new song “SMARTPHONE” together with her. 

choi seong min

Meanwhile, Choi Sung-min debuted in 2010 together with the mixed idol group Co-ed School then began his acting career in 2013 through KBS2’s “Drama Special: Chagall’s Birthday”.

Source: insight

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