Chinese media praised Taiwanese singer Jay Chou for surpassing BTS to top the Global Album Sales Chart

Chinese media celebrated the news of Jay Chou selling more albums than Korean boy group BTS in 2022

On March 28th, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) announced that Jay Chou ranked No.1 on the Global Album Sales Chart 2022.

The Global Album Sales Chart ranks albums based on their worldwide sales, including album copies sold in physical formats, such as CDs and LPs, as well as album paid downloads through digital platforms within a year.

Jay Chou

The world-famous British singer Adele took the No.1 spot on the Global Album Sales Chart in 2021, while Korean boy group BTS topped the chart in 2020.

Jay Chou is the first Chinese-speaking artist to reach No.1 on the Global Album Sales Chart. However, IFPI did not disclose Jay Chou’s album sales figures in detail.

Jay Chou

Jay Chou achieved this top spot with his 15th album “Greatest Works of Art”. He was followed by BTS’s “Proof” in 2nd place and Talor Swift’s “Midnights” in 3rd place.

In addition to BTS, other K-pop artists, such as Stray Kids, Seventeen, Enhypen, BLACKPINK, and TXT, were also listed in Top 10.

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Winning 1st place, Jay Chou left an acceptance speech on his Instagram account, saying “This historic moment representing the current Chinese Wave is beyond my expectations. Thank you all”.

On the 29th of last month, Chinese local media highlighted Jay Chou’s achievement in many articles with headlines praising the male singer for beating BTS to top the Global Album Sales Chart.

Meanwhile, Jay Chou debuted in 1997 through TVBS-G’s rookie discovery program “Super New Talent King”. Later, he became a global star and achieved admirable success as both a singer and an actor. 

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