Surprising childhood photos of Shin Se Kyung: How excellent was the girl that made Koreans highly anticipate?

Used to be known as a talented child actor, but after growing up, Shin Se Kyung has become one of the most hated actresses on the Korean screen.

Constantly being involved in controversies for her stiff acting, awkward facial expression, Shin Se Kyung is called by the audience with names such as “queen of stiff acting”, “awkward visual”, “Stiff Shin”. It’s been quite a while since she’s starred in any really successful work. Many netizens even think that Shin Se Kyung should only be a model to maximize her talent of being “naturally pretty”.

After seeing many controversies over this female star’s acting ability, few people would expect Shin Se Kyung to be a child actress whose future used to be highly anticipated by Koreans and industry experts. Shin Se Kyung has been active in showbiz since the age of 4. She used to gain huge attention for a while in children’s programs and children’s fashion photosets. By the age of 8, Shin Se Kyung was more famous than ever when she appeared in the album photo of the legendary group Seo Taiji. At that time, she was considered a potential star and was expected to blow up even more when she grows up.


Of course, the Korean public was not wrong that year, the actress actually became famous, her popularity has gone beyond Korea, but the adult version of Se Kyung no longer remains a bubbly, adorable little girl, but has turned into an actress with expressionless performances in her works. However, netizens still have to admit, compared to her childhood photos, she is the type of person who “never knows what it’s like to be ugly”.

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