Celebrities Who Are Recent Victims of Sasaengs’ Privacy Invasion

Celebrities such as BTS and Lee Seung Yoon face privacy invasion by obsessive intruders, causing human rights concerns.

On May 26th, Lee Seung Yoon’s agency officially stated through social media, “There have been continuous incidents of invading the private spaces or our artists, their families, and acquaintances to violate their privacy, which are not part of official schedules.” 

Lee Seung Yoon

They also stated, “If such acts are confirmed, we will not only apply permanent penalties related to fan activities but also take strong legal actions that can be taken within our company.

Prior to Lee Seung Yoon, there was an incident that occurred recently, where BTS member Jin, who is currently serving in the military, was presumed to have also experienced a violation of his military life. 

A nursing officer reportedly left their duty station to see Jin. The exact investigation results have not been announced yet, but the military authorities are taking the matter seriously and conducting an investigation.


In fact, stories of sasaeng fans, who track and intrude upon the private lives of stars beyond their official schedules, and even their families’ daily lives, are not new occurrences. 

BTS’s Jungkook, like Jin, experienced a distressing situation when his home address was exposed. Super Junior leader Lee Teuk has had his personal information, such as contact details, exposed multiple times. Lee Teuk also confessed through Instagram that his mobile phone was repeatedly hacked.

Jung Kook

It is not only pointless to chase after the daily lives of celebrities beyond the schedules made public to fans, but the demand for celebrities to disclose their entire lives itself amounts to a serious violation of human rights.

Therefore, sasaeng fans can be considered a crime that violates and intrudes upon individuals’ privacy. 

Super Junior Leeteuk

When the daily lives of celebrities, who expose a significant portion of themselves to the public, are respected, the ordinary lives of individuals who do not stand in front of cameras can also be better protected. 

In the era of heightened sensitivity towards human rights, where the dignity of individuals is valued regardless of age or gender, sasaeng fans continue to rampage.

Source: Naver. 

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