“Canada Check-in” Lee Hyo Ri, “Looking at beautiful SNS photos of celebrities, I wonder what I am doing here”

Lee Hyo Ri confessed complicated thoughts about her celebrity life.

On tvN’s program “Canada Check-in”, which aired on Jan 14th, Lee Hyo Ri confessed her honest feelings while going to meet dogs adopted in Canada.

On the broadcast, Lee Hyo Ri had an emotional reunion with a dog named Bbaekkom that was rescued from a dog farm and adopted in Canada. In particular, In Sook, who rescued Bbaekkom, couldn’t hold her tears as she was touched to see the healthy appearance of the dog.

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyo Ri then asked In Sook, “I saw something earlier, Yongin Animal Protection Association? A civic group that takes the dogs out before euthanasia. I heard there were 480 dogs. But it’s already hard to find a shelter for 50 dogs…I watched an interview with a volunteer and when asked about the hardest thing while volunteering, they said it was when 2-3 new dogs came in on the same day before they were able to feel the happiness of helping a dog be adopted”, revealing the sad reality.

After then, Lee Hyo said, “I saw many celebrities take fancy and beautiful pictures in Paris on SNS. Then I suddenly thought ‘What am I doing here?’”, confessing her feelings as a celebrity.

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyo Ri shared, “Everyone was like, ‘Where in Paris?’. But I’m in Canada right now. You know how well we are treated if we go to Fashion Week events, right?”, adding “That’s what fans want, and I think life has changed. But I couldn’t accept such an appearance 100%. I feel like I’m in the middle?”, expressing her complicated thoughts.

She continued, “Go there or come here. I think the two different roads will lead to one way. We say hello and goodbye then meet again at the end”, adding “I like how it is now. It’s so nice”, showing satisfaction with her current situation.

Source: Nate

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