BTS’s Jungkook transformed into the most handsome director you’ve ever seen in a new Samsung ad

BTS’s Jungkook captivated fans with his dazzling sculpture-like beauty.

Samsung, for which BTS is working as a global model, recently released a photo of Jungkook‘s “Galaxy S22 Plus” advertisement on its official SNS. The advertisement was drawn with the concept that Jungkook, famous for his Golden Closet Film (G.C.F) videos, is filming another G.C.F with the Galaxy S22 Plus.

In the picture, Jungkook drew attention as he sat on a carpet under the sofa and enjoyed filming leisurely with the Galaxy S22 Plus. Jungkook was looking at the cell phone fixed on the filming stand and seriously filming something, raising fans’ curiosity interest, and his soft eyes and ecstatic smile melted the hearts of fangirls.

BTS Jungkook Samsung ad
“The director is so handsome ♥” 

In addition, Jungkook wore cream-colored turtleneck knitwear and a burgundy jacket, giving off a lovely boyfriend vibe. Jungkook shone even more with his own glowing aura of a fascinating man with sophistication and elegance.

In addition, Jungkook made viewers go crazy with his gentle image and led the trend with unique and hip piercing. Jungkook showed off his fantastic visuals with artistic features and also boasted a unique model aura.

BTS Jungkook Samsung ad

Fans responded to the photos with comments such as, “The director is so handsome ♥”. “What’s up with the boyfriend vibe?” I’m excited.” “Director Kook’s sculpture-like visual is a masterpiece.” “I’m curious what he’s filming.” “Let’s go see director Kook’s video with Galaxy.” “His gentle smile is so sweet.” “His piercing is a totally Gen Z icon. So cool.”

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