“BTS pushes and SEVENTEEN pulls,” HYBE swept through all Korean, American, and Japanese pop music charts

“HYBE artists have achieved many achievements that will be recorded in history in the global music market.”  

HYBE CEO Park Ji-won said in a conference call for the fourth quarter of 2021 on Feb 22nd, “HYBE artists have achieved many achievements that will be recorded in history in the global music market,” adding, “This is the result of HYBE’s steady tap on the local market by establishing a local label and solution base.

Park Ji-won

HYBE rewrote its record on the Billboard Hot 100 single chart ranking, which is the Billboard main chart. A total of 52 weekly rankings were announced in 2021, of which HYBE artists topped 22 times, nearly half of them.

BTS has set a record of ruling the Top 100 chart for a total of 12 weeks with “My Universe,” which was released in collaboration with Coldplay, “Butter” and “Permission to Dance.” 

SEVENTEEN, TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), and ENHYPEN also stood out remarkably on Billboard’s album chart ranking “Billboard 200.SEVENTEEN‘s mini-album “Attacca,” released in October, entered Billboard 200 in a row following its previous album, and TXT was the only K-pop male artist to be on the year-end chart of Billboard 200 next to BTS. ENHYPEN ranked 11th in the Billboard 200 rankings less than a year after its debut with its full-length album “DIMENSION: DILEMA” released in October.

Even in Japan, the world’s second largest music market, HYBE artists also performed well. Japan has traditionally been a market with a high tendency for music fans to buy physical albums. HYBE explained that if you look at the “Oricon Annual Albums Chart 100”, which has the most credibility in Japan, you can see how strong the influence of a large fandom on the artist’s album sales volume is.


First of all, BTS topped the “2021 Oricon Annual Albums Chart”. It is the first No.1 by an overseas artist in 37 years since Michael Jackson. On the chart, Seventeen also ranked fifth in the annual rankings, and as an overseas artist, they took 1st and 2nd place side by side with BTS. TXT and ENHYPEN‘s albums also achieved a splendid feat of topping the Oricon weekly albums chart, respectively.

HYBE artists account for about 26% of the total sales of the top 100 albums in Japan, which were calculated on the “2021 Oricon Annual Albums Chart”, as well as account for 73% of the total sales of Korean artists’ albums in Japan.

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