BTS and Seventeen dominate the TOP 10 First-week Album Sales Chart

BTS and Seventeen showed off their influential power as HYBE Label artists by dominating the TOP 10 first-week album sales in Korea.

BTS and Seventeen dominate the TOP 10 First-week Album Sales Chart

According to Hanteo Chart’s figure on October 30th, Seventeen‘s 9th mini album “Attacca” released on October 22nd sold more than 1.15 million copies in only 5 days after its release, recording a total of 1.335.862 copies in a week (from October 22nd to October 28th). With this achievement, Seventeen ranked 3rd place in this year’s First-week Album Sales Chart and 6th place in the All Time First-week Album Sales Chart.

The No.1 to No.4 in the All Time First-week Album Sales Chart is dominated by BTS. The first place went to “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7”, which was released in February 2020, with 3.378.000 copies, followed by “BE” (2.27 million copies) in 2nd place, and “MAP OF THE SOULD: PERSONA” (2.13 million copies) in 3rd place. In addition, “Butter”, which caused a global syndrome this summer, ranked No.4 with 1.97 million copies sold in the first week of its release, although it was only a single CD.

Apart from “Attacca”, Seventeen also proved their potential as a strong album seller by placing several more albums in the TOP 10. “Your Choice”, which was released in June, ranked 5th with 136 million copies. Meanwhile, the 7th spot went to “Heng:garæ” (1.09 million copies). As a result, HYBE Labels artists, BTS and Seventeen, have succeeded in lining up consecutively from No.1 to No.7 in this All time First-week Album Sales Chart.

BTS and Seventeen dominate the TOP 10 First-week Album Sales Chart

Including BTS‘s “LOVE YOURSELF: Tear” with 1 million copies at No.9 and SEVENTEEN’s “[Semicolon]” (9.30 million copies) at No.9, nine of the TOP 10 was dominated by HYBE Labels artists, BTS (5 albums) and Seventeen (4 albums).

Album sales often directly reflect the size of idol fandoms. In particular, sales in the first week of an album’s release is one of the main indicators that show the power of a fandom and its “core fandom” size.

Meanwhile, regarding the first-week album sales of KPOP artists in 2021, BTS‘s “Butter” topped the chart and is followed by Seventeen‘s “Your Choice” and “Attacca”.

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