BTS’ 10th Anniversary Commemorative Medal recorded 6 billion won in sales, 2nd release imminent

The first commemorative medal of BTS’ 10th Debut Anniversary sets a record for the highest sales among all commemorative medals ever.

On May 16th, the Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation (KOMSCO) announced that the BTS Debut 10th Anniversary Commemorative Medal has sold over 10,000 copies, amounting to a total revenues of 6 billion won. With such a number, it has recorded the highest sales among all commemorative medals issued by KOMSCO.


Particularly, the 1-ounce gold medal product, due to its rarity with only 1000 pieces issued worldwide, was the first to be sold out within 2 hours of opening on the global fandom life platform, Weverse Shop.

The BTS commemorative medal was produced not only with record-breaking sales but also with the highest level of KOMSCO’s coinage technology. For the first time in a commemorative medal, a micro-pattern used on banknotes was applied to engrave the BTS symbol, and a mint mark, only used on monumental coins by foreign mints, was applied for the first time within Korea. The mint mark reflected on the BTS commemorative medal is designed with the number “10” inside a star shape, symbolizing BTS, who are global stars.


Furthermore, a hidden element was applied to a commemorative medal for the first time. Because the hidden element is difficult to identify with the naked eye, a loupe (magnifying glass) is included with the commemorative medal product. It is evaluated as adding fun to find the special “10” hidden elements, which are engraved on the commemorative medal.

The second commemorative medal, planned to be released this year, is in the final design process, with plans to implement the portraits of all BTS members with the highest artistry and a new technology that will be shown for the first time in the world.

Regarding this, president of KOMSCO, Bahn Jang-sik said, “The second commemorative medal will express the meaning and value of BTS’s 10th anniversary debut with KOMSCO’s differentiated design and cutting-edge new technology,” adding, “We are devoting our utmost effort to ensure that the collectible value of the commemorative medal matches the stature of BTS.”

Source: Wikitree

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