Born in the year of the Tiger, will Park Min Young have a glorious 2022 like 12 years ago?

2022 promises to be a successful year for Park Min Young. 

Among the famous stars who are set to come back to the screen in 2022, Park Min Young is the actress we look forward to the most. Not only because she is a beautiful and talented actress, but this year is also the Lunar year bearing the Earthly Branch of her birth year – an important turning point in Park Min Young’s life.

Park Min Young glorious 2022

In recent years, her dramas have not achieved outstanding success, which partly affects the viewers’ expectations for her upcoming works in 2022. Netizens are concerned over whether or not this year will bring glorious success to Park Min Young like 12 years ago. 

Year of the Tiger 2010: Rose to fame with the female lead role of  “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”

12 years ago, 24-year-old Park Min Young took an important step forward in her career when she starred in the drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal“. The drama earned the highest rating of 13.7% and received many nominations at KBS Drama Awards, Korea Drama Awards, Seoul International Drama Awards to Baeksang Arts Awards.

The success of this role brought Park Min Young’s name next to other famous Korean stars by then and helped her become well-known not only in Korea but also across Asia. Not only Park Min Young, but other cast members of  “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” like Yoo Ah In or Song Joong Ki also attracted much more attention following the drama’s broadcast. 

Park Min Young glorious 2022

Before 2010, Park Min Young was not an unknown actress when she gained attention through dramas such as “High Kick 1”, “I Am Sam” or “Princess Ja Myung Go”. However, it was not until “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” with a more challenging leading role that Park Min Young officially shot to stardom..

From my point of view, playing the roles of females disguised as men are never an easy thing for actresses and it is not an exception for Park Min Young in “Sungkyunkwan Controversy”.

Park Min Young glorious 2022

To be fair, Park Min Young’s acting in this drama is not too excellent or perfect. But everyone has to admit that she tried her best to bring out the most vivid character to the audience, which help her receive the nomination of “Best Actress” at the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards in 2011 at only 25 years old.

Park Min Young glorious 2022

It can be said that 2010, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” in particular, are the most impressive milestone that Park Min Young has had in the length of her career.

Year of the Tiger 2022: Re-appears with many expectations and pressure

Just like what I said in the title, Park Min Young’s comeback in this new year of 2022 will be a comeback with both expectations from fans, mass audiences as well as pressure from herself.

Park Min Young glorious 2022

Recently, Park Min Young is also one of the famous stars in the crosshairs of the audience when the dramas that she starred in consecutively were not very successful. Since the success of “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” in 2018, Park Min Young’s return with every other drama doesn’t leave much impression.

Park Min Young glorious 2022

“Her Private Life” or “I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice” aren’t badly made and Park Min Young also did her job quite well in those. However, their performance was not very good. So when mentioning Park Min Young over the past years, people only remember “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” – a drama that aired 4 years ago.

No matter how successful you are, you can’t stay in the past forever, not only the audience but I think even Park Min Young is eager to get out of her own shadow from “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?”.

Park Min Young glorious 2022

Next February, which is exactly on the 12th, Park Min Young will officially return with the drama “Forecasting Love And Weather” on JTBC. This is a melodrama genre drama about the love, work and life of the people working at the meteorological and weather bureaus of Korea. Co-starring with Park Min Young is the rising handsome actor Song Kang. “Forecasting Love And Weather” from my point of view has a lot more meaning than just a mere re-release of Park Min Young’s drama.

Will Park Min Young coordinate well with Song Kang? Can she breathe a new life into the genre of dramas that are slowly losing ground? Can she help the film become a success and break her recent bad luck? Those are questions that not only me but many other viewers also wonder and expect to be answered thoroughly by Park Min Young when “Forecasting Love And Weather” is officially broadcast.

Park Min Young glorious 2022

Considering the genre and image of the character that Park Min Young chose to re-appear in 2022, I really don’t have too many expectations. The first reason is that the melodrama genre is gradually falling out of favor on the Korean screen. The second is that the female lead image of the Park’s beauty is not that much different from her previous roles and especially in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?”. So at least for now, I don’t really see much hope in “Forecasting Love And Weather”.

However, who knows how the things that we don’t expect much can surprise us, just like the case of the “One The Woman” or the “The Red Sleeve Cluff” in 2021. And nothing will compare if “Forecasting Love And Weather” is one of those. Let’s just wait and see how things will turn out and whether Park Min Young in the year 2022 will surpass her success 12 years ago.

Park Min Young glorious 2022
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