BoA “I’ve built several SM buildings”… Mention “Street Man Fighter” malicious comments

Singer BoA showed her generous side.

BoA recently appeared on the YouTube channel “1theK Originals”.

In the video, BoA confessed her honest feelings about being attacked by malicious comments while serving as a fight judge for Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” (SMF). When PRIMEKINGZ was decided to be the first eliminated crew on “SMF”, haters flocked to BoA’s personal account and poured out personal attacks and insults. Regarding this, BoA uploaded a post saying, “The judges don’t even decide the battle teams. Would it have been better if BANK TWO BROTHERS was eliminated instead?” Her agency SM Entertainment (SM) also declared legal action.


About this, BoA shared, “Evaluation is quite subjective and I guess all people cannot think in the same way. I guess in every screening show, people would either love it or hate it. I guess people might not like what they hear about evaluations. But, I guess it’s not necessary to deny the fact that there are people like them, you know?

BoA revealed that she is 157.8cm tall. She added, “You did a good job estimating it as middle to late 150.” She also talked about SM’s dark age, “As I didn’t have my manager, I took a bus on the way to recording. Bang Si Hyuk gave me money to take a taxi on my way home. I’ve built several SM buildings.”


BoA recently made a comeback with her new song “Forgive Me”. “Forgive Me” is a hip-hop dance song with a strong electronic guitar sound. BoA participated in writing lyrics and composing.

BoA explained, “I wanted to try performing a song that sounds really intense after a long time. The song has the lyrics saying that ‘In fact, I’m not influenced, and I’m ignoring them, you know?’ to those people who criticize others based on their own criteria for judgment. I said that I wanted to become the 2nd ‘Girl’s on Top’ in K909. I mentioned that Young Jin’s songs contain a lot of hatred messages. I hope you regard this song as another song with so many hatred messages that would continue that pedigree. As I played the role of a strong character after a long time, I felt joy, you know.”

Source: Daum

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