“Ask me for money and personal information”, a K-drama actress faces an urgent situation

An actress has been complaining about damages from her hacked Instagram account since September. 

Actress Ryu Abel, the older sister of actress Ryu Hye Young, got her Instagram account hacked. 

In particular, Ryu Abel’s agency, SWMP, announced on Instagram on November 14th that Ryu Abel’s SNS was hacked from overseas. The hacker reportedly threatened Ryu Abel and her acquaintances by demanding money.

ryu abel

The agency said, “Actress Ryu Abel’s Instagram is currently being hacked overseas. The hacker is doing great damage to actor Ryu Abel and her acquaintances by asking for money by impersonating her.”

They also added, “We are working hard to resolve the hacking damage by requesting the Instagram headquarters to take action. We hope that you will not be harmed until complete measures are taken, and we will inform you of the full situation. We would like to say once again that Ryu Abel does not make any financial requests through Instagram.”

ryu abel

Ryu Abel has been complaining of Instagram hacking damage since September. She even created a secondary Instagram account to prevent heavy damage and keep her fans informed of the situation.

ryu abel

About three weeks ago, the actress commented on the last post on her hacked Instagram, warning, “Please report this account. Currently, it has been hacked by a Turkish person. Be vigilant of any messages until I recover my account. For now, please report it. I don’t want anything from anyone.”

In September, Ryu Abel also posted a warning on her sub-account, saying, “The hacker is asking for money and personal information from me. I’m afraid that the account may cause secondary or tertiary damage, so I made a new one. Anyone who sees this, please go here and I will inform you when the account is restored.”

ryu abel instagram

She also added, “If you see the account impersonating me, please capture everything. I’ll hand the evidence over to the police.”

Afterwards, the actress posted a photo of the hacker’s threatening message and said, “In the end, they started to harm my acquaintances. Instagram has no answer to this.”

ryu abel

Source: wikitree

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