An SM’s idol group member spotted in a group photo with BJs… Netizens questioned, “Why is he hanging out with them?”

A group photo of famous BJs gathering together at a cafe located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul was recently spread on various online communities. 

This photo caught the eyes of netizens as it shows one idol group member sitting among the BJs. That’s EXO’s Sehun.


In the picture, Sehun’s Instagram account was tagged and next to the tag, Sehun appeared wearing a black hat and making a V pose. Therefore, it can be presumed that Sehun is close to the BJs in the photo.

In addition, Sehun drew attention as he once appeared on the Instagram live broadcast of AfreecaTV BJ Kei. Fans noticed Sehun’s voice in the broadcast and the video cut of that part spread rapidly through SNS sites and online communities.


BJs and idols can be close friends but some people don’t like this combination. Internet users reacted, “I don’t understand why they are close to each other”, “Then the rumors are true?”, “Not just one or two times”, etc.


Meanwhile, Sehun made his debut in the music industry in 2012 as a member of the boy group EXO. He gained huge love through the promotions of EXO hit songs, such as “Growl”, “Love Shot”, etc.

Source: insight

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