After BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Red Velvet’s Yeri is also being criticized after BTS’s Jungkook opened personal Instagram account

Jennie is not the only idol unreasonably criticized by BTS’s fans.

On December 6th, Red Velvet’s Yeri posted a photo on her Instagram account with the caption containing only one emoticon ? (smiley heart face). Immediately, some BTS’s toxic fans flooded into her account with numerous malicious comments accusing the SM idol of copying BTS’s Jungkook. 


The reason for this is that only a few hours before the female idol updated her Instagram, Jungkook also posted a photo on his newly-opened Instagram with the same caption.


Fans of BTS and Red Velvet are having a fight over who copied who. Red Velvet’s fans claim that Yeri has used this emoticon on her Instagram many times in the past, while some toxic ARMYs say that Yeri purposely posted the same emoticon on her Instagram on the same day as Jungkook to attract his attention. However, other ARMYs are apologizing and pointing out that only a few fans of BTS are criticizing Yeri, so it shouldn’t be considered a controversy because toxic fans can exist in every fandom.

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Meanwhile, Yeri is not the only idol embroiled in controversy over Jungkook’s Instagram. BLACKPINK’s Jennie is also receiving malicious comments for being followed by V. This action of the male idol has been proved to be a mistake, as the BTS member unfollowed her shortly afterward. He even posted on the fan community Weverse asking fans how to deactivate Instagram’s follow recommendation.

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