aespa’s Karina causes a stir by using a necklace as a chain belt 

The necklace-turned-chain belt fashion draws attention to aespa’s Karina’s physique. 

In the past, Rosé (BLACKPINK) caught eyes for using a headband as a belt for her outfit in 2020. Later, the item was used by Jisoo for its designated purpose onstage. 


Recently, Karina (aespa) captured attention for using a necklace as a chain belt during a photoshoot. At first, many believed it to be the fashionable chain belt worn for the summer. However, the item was revealed to be a necklace from Vivienne Westwood. As necklaces do not have the same elasticity as headbands, viewers are in awe of Karina’s impossibly tiny waist. They also consider it to be a physical feat. 

aespa Karina

Previously, netizens were aware of the idol’s “ant waist” as she used a bandana to wear as a crop-top before. However, to use a necklace as a chain belt is a next-level achievement. 

Some of netizens’ comments:  

– No wonder Karina can pull off any fashion, especially crop-tops. 

– Karina has such an enviable physique. 

– How could her waist fit a necklace? 

Source: K14

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