Actress Shin Ji-soo shocked netizens by revealing her weight of 35kg

Shin Ji-soo drew attention as she reached her lowest weight once again.

On March 6th, Shin Ji-soo posted on her Instagram Story a photo of her standing on a scale. The released photo revealed her weight of 35.7kg, raising fans’ concern.

Shin Ji-soo

Appearing on JTBC’s entertainment program “Haebang Town”, which ended in January, Shin Ji-soo gained keen attention as she revealed that she weighed only 37kg. At that time, she confessed that she lost weight due to parenting hardships and said she wanted to gain 2kg more. 

Shin Ji-soo

However, the actress continued to lose more weight. Shin Ji-soo also showed her regret by adding a crying emoticon and saying, “What…”. 

Shin Ji-soo

Shin Ji-soo made her debut as a child actor through SBS’s drama “Virtue” in 2020 and has appeared in numerous works since then. In 2017, she married composer and music producer Lee Ha-yi, who is 4 years older than her, and has a daughter. 

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