This actress loves drinking so much she could guess all the soju brands with only a slight touch of the tongue

Kim Go Eun is an “expert” when it comes to alcohol. 

Kim Go Eun went viral and created many cute memes with her drunk acting in “Goblin”. In real life, her love for alcohol is also extraordinary, so there are often photos of her drinking posted on her Instagram. 

Kim Go-eun
Kim Go-eun

Recently, Kim Go Eun appeared on a YouTube channel and showed off her ability to guess all the soju brands correctly.  Kim Go Eun was sipping the soju little by little while talking to MC Jaejae and got all the brands right without hesitation, surprising Jaejae. 

Kim Go-eun
Kim Go-eun

Kim Go Eun always showed her love for alcohol at birthday parties or at year-end celebrations. She also revealed that actress Jeon Do Yeon was the person she usually wanted to call when she got drunk.

Kim Go-eun

Meanwhile, Kim Go Eun sang live while acting in her new movie ‘Hero’. Kim Go Eun plays Seolhee, the last court lady of Joseon and an independent military informant. She secretly approaches Ito Hirobumi to perform her duties, delivering her heartfelt and pitiful sorrow.

Source: Daum.

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