Actress Ko Hyun Jung surprised fans by showing off her unexpected charm

Ko Hyun Jung’s playful side on set caught fans and netizens alike off-guard. 

On the 7th, A video posted of Ko Hyun Jung on her agency IOK Company’s official Instagram is drawing attention.

In the released video, Ko Hyun Jung appeared to be resting in the middle of filming. When she found a camera filming her, the actress playfully covered his face with his hands.

Unlike her known persona as a “cold city woman,” her eccentric side is attracting attention.

Appearing in a black coat and straight hair, Ko Hyun Jung boasted a real beauty that created an elegant atmosphere. However, what stole the spotlight was the one missing nail tip that seemed to have fallen off during the photoshoot. 

Along the video, the agency said in the caption, “Actress Ko Hyun Jung showed an overwhelming aura in the November pictorial! But behind the camera, she’s much more lovely than anyone else. Warm up the scene throughout the shoot with her bright energy and friendly smile”.

Ko Hyun Jung is a 52-year-old actress who entered the industry as the runner-up of the 1989 Miss Korea and showed her acting skills in many works, most notably in the classic “Sandglass”. 

Last year, the actress appeared in the JTBC drama “Reflection of You” and played a lead role.

She is set to return through Netflix’s new original drama ‘Mask Girl’.

Go Hyun Jung

“Mask Girl,” starring Ko Hyun Jung, is a drama based on a webtoon of the same name that takes place in the ordinary life of an office worker Kim Mo Mi (Ko Hyun Jung), with an appearance complex, who is caught up in an incident while working as a daily Internet BJ with her face covered using a mask. The series is scheduled for release around June next year.

Source: Wikitree

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