A series of famous stars attended j-hope’s pre-release party except for one BTS member, why?

Only one BTS member didn’t attend j-hope’s album pre-release party

On July 15, BTS member j-hope officially made a solo debut with the album “Jack In The Box” and the title MV “Arson”.  This is also the first project in the series of personal promotion journeys of the 7 BTS boys.

Before the release of Jack In The Box, j-hope held a party with the participation of more than 50 guests who are famous Kpop artists such as: Taeyang (BIGBANG), Zico, Jessi, HyunALee Hi, Sunmi, Heize, Loco, Yoon Mirae,… And of course, BTS members also showed up to support their bandmate. However, only one person did not attend the party.

j-hope party
Taeyang (BIGBANG)…

Fans initially believed that members Jin and Suga weren’t going to the event because they only saw photos of Jimin, Jungkook, RM, and V. However, Jin later revealed a photo taken at the party and explained that he had stayed in his room to read a book because he only knew a few of the attendees. Only Suga missed the party. As a result, fans were extremely upset about Yoongi’s disappearance so the question “Where is Yoongi?” was also trending at the top on Twitter.

bts suga
Suga’s absence at the party made the keyword related to him trending on Twitter

In response to fans’ worries regarding Suga’s absence from the event, j-hope recently claimed that Suga was genuinely eager and prepared to attend the party. The male idol, however, felt sick and had a high fever and although he received a negative test result for Covid-19, he decided to take precautions and stayed home

BTS concept photos Door version
Due to a high fever, Suga is the only BTS member absent from j-hope’s party

j-hope also shared that Suga was very sad and disappointed because he couldn’t come to the party, he even texted him to apologize and encourage j-hope a lot.  Suga then issued a post on Weverse explaining his absence from the party: 

“I suddenly had a fever since yesterday morning so..^^ with the thought that it might be covid, I was getting tested and was unable to attend ㅠㅠ im disappointed too ㅠㅠ thankfully i’m back to a normal temperature, so don’t worry too much~ Congrats jhope~ .”

bts suga
Suga explained the reason for his absence and informed about his current status
bts suga

j-hope also quickly left a comment: “I love you! Please take care of your health, don’t get sick again!”

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