A Korean dating show was criticized for indirectly supporting adultery

The Change Days dating show was at a disadvantage since it had not started because it was criticized. The audience believes that this show promotes adultery.

The variety will select 3 couples, emphasizing that 3 couples are in love, taking them to Jeju Island to live together for a week.  During this time, the contestants can freely flirt and date other players.  After this time, they can decide to either stay with their current partner or break up and go with their new lover.

This format is already available on US television shows, but all players are single.  The show is held for the purpose of pairing, finding a lover, not for swap and adultery like the Korean show. 

Change Days will air on May 18. However, it is unknown if it will last until then when it met with massive criticism from the audience.

Source: ione

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