9-year couple Lee Dong Hwi and Jung Ho Yeon had a “Rebound” movie date

Actor Lee Dong Hwi and model-actress Jung Ho Yeo flaunted their 9 years of unwavering love by confirming their movie theater date.

On April 3rd, Lee Dong Hwi posted a photo of the “Rebound” VIP preview on his SNS, along with the caption, “A three-point shot of hope.” 


Meanwhile, model and actress Jung Ho Yeon also shared a photo of the preview on her SNS, saying, “I enjoyed crying and laughing for 122 minutes. I want to meet a coach like Ahn Jae Hong.”

Lee Dong Hwi and Jung Ho Yeon have been an official celebrity couple since 2015, nurturing their love for 9 years. By sharing photos of their appearance at the “Rebound” VIP preview side by side, the two showcased their unwavering love, drawing warmth from their fans. 


At the same time, it seems that the couple attended the VIP preview due to their close relationship with the production company of “Rebound” and their close friendship with Ahn Jae Hong.

Meanwhile, the movie “Rebound” is based on an inspiring true story, which depicts the miraculous 8-day journey of a rookie coach and six players from the weakest basketball team, who nobody paid attention to, during the 2012 national high school basketball tournament. The film is set to be released on April 5th.

Source: Nate

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