5 stars who haven’t been active since they got married and are only devoted to “family”

There are stars who quit their activities as soon as they got married and are only faithful to their families.

The names of those who were often seen in various works or new song playlists are disappearing from fans’ memories. However, they are delivering simple updates through personal spaces such as SNS and pictorials.

Min Hyo Rin

Let’s take a look at 5 stars who disappeared from the entertainment industry with marriage and are only faithful to their families.

1. Min Hyo-rin

The first star to introduce is actress Min Hyo-rin. After debuting in the entertainment industry as a model for a clothing brand in 2006, Min Hyo-rin had been actively working as a singer. However, after marrying Big Bang’s Taeyang in 2018, she has been devoted to her family as she welcomed her first son last year. Recently, she is revealing her current status of being a housewife through Instagram.

2. Won Bin

Won Bin has been meeting fans only through advertisements for 12 years since the movie “The Man from Nowhere” released in 2010. In 2015, he married actress b and they welcomed their son after 7 months. After marriage, Lee Na-young continued her activities through the movie “Beautiful Days” and the drama “Romance Is a Bonus Book”, but Won Bin seems to be focusing only on parenting.

won bin

3. Han Groo

Singer Han Groo made her debut in 2011 with the EP “Groo One” and later released more albums such as “My Boy,” “Take Out Shoes,” and “STEP GIRL.” In November 2015, Han Groo tied the knot with her boyfriend whom she was dating for 9 years, and gave birth to twins in March of the following year. After becoming a wife and mother, Han Groo has focused on parenting without engaging in entertainment activities. She only communicates with fans through Instagram.

han groo

4. Shin Ae

Actress Shin Ae debuted in 2001 and gained popularity by appearing on KBS2’s “Summer Scent” and “Empress Cheonchu.” In addition to acting, Shin Ae also appeared in entertainment shows such as MBC’s “We Got Married”, but has been barely active in the industry since she got married in 2009 as she has been devoting all her time to taking care of her two daughters and one son. 

shin ae

5. Rumble Fish

Singer-songwriter Rumble Fish, who is best known for her hit songs such as “Day with good feeling” and “Rain and You,” married Buzz’s Yoon Woo-hyun, whom she had been dating for 7 years, in 2017. Since then, she has been taking a break from entertainment activities. She appeared briefly on KBS2’s “Immortal Songs” last year and gave an update on her whereabouts, saying, “I had postpartum depression while raising my child.” She added, “I’m going to prepare to release an album soon and perform,” raising fans’ expectations.

rumble fish
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