Zico, Tablo, Jay Park, YoungK: Stars Who Never Have To Worry About Drunk Driving Scandals

Recently, stars who don’t drive gather attention as trot singer Kim Ho-joong caused a stir due to a hit-and-run caused by drunk driving.

Zico appeared on MBC’s show “Omniscient Interfering View” on Feb. 15 and revealed he doesn’t usually drive. In this episode, Zico took a taxi alone to HYBE’s office building without a manager. When asked where his car was and why he took a taxi, Zico said, “I don’t drive very often.” Zico replied, “I need to be alert when I drive by myself, but it consumes a lot of energy, so I usually take a taxi.”

tablo Zico

Tablo, a former member of the group Epik High, surprised many people when he shared that he does not know how to drive. Tablo appeared as a guest in a video uploaded on the YouTube channel “Psick Univ” on March 5 last year and confessed that his wife, Kang Hye-jung was driving on his behalf. “I don’t know how to drive. I’ve never learned how to drive,” Tablo said in the video. He also revealed an anecdote about him not being able to drive, drawing laughter. “When my wife was pregnant, she had to go to the hospital because our child was about to come out. I was in the car with her and she drove,” Tablo said. “[My wife] drove herself to the hospital and gave birth to the baby. It was because I couldn’t drive,” he added. As for why he didn’t get his driver’s license, Tablo confessed to being seriously bad with directions and said, “My wife doesn’t want me to drive.”

Park Jae-beom (Jay Park) is drawing attention by saying that he owned a luxury foreign car, but rarely drives it. On September 18, 2020, Park Jae-beom appeared on the channel “1theK Original.” In this video, he confessed, “I bought a Bentley and drove it three times in five years.” In particular, Park Jae-beom is famous for enjoying walking when he does not have a schedule. As a result, there were frequent sightings of him walking on the streets.

jay park-young k

YoungK, a member of the group DAY6, is the only one in the group who has not obtained a driver’s license. YoungK appeared on MBC FM4U’s “I’m Kim Shin-young,” which aired on Sept. 8, 2021, just before joining the military, and confessed that he does not have a license yet. When the “skill test,” which is one of the driver’s license tests, was mentioned, he asked, “What is skill test?” and made people laugh.

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