Yoo Ah In, was he such a reticent man?

Actress Yoo Ah In (real name Uhm Hong Sik, 36)’s propofol and drug allegations are shocking, but one more surprising fact is that he has not expressed any position so far.

On Feb 8th, the agency UAA admitted, “Yoo Ah In recently received a police investigation regarding propofol.” They added, “We are actively cooperating with all investigations related to this. We will actively explain the problematic parts. We apologize for causing concern.” However, Yoo Ah In, the person involved, has been silent for nearly a month.

yoo ah in

It may be that he intends to clarify his position through police investigation, but it is not a responsible attitude as a top star to remain silent after causing such a social stir.

It is like forgetting his duty. This is because all of the popularity and wealth that Yoo Ah In has enjoyed for 20 years since his debut in 2003 came from the public. If the public had not supported and loved Yoo Ah In, there would be no Yoo Ah In today. Can’t Yoo Ah In realize how much betrayal and disappointment the public is feeling right now?

yoo ah in

Looking back on Yoo Ah In’s remarks on various social issues, the current silence is unfamiliar. He raised his sharp voice on other people’s issues but stayed silent when his own incident exploded.

If the current allegations are not true, he can confidently deny them, and if they are true, he should admit them and receive appropriate punishment. But what is Yoo Ah In doing now?

Source: naver

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