Will Kim Seon-ho attend 2021 Asia Artist Awards?

Actor Kim Seon-ho is ranked first in the popularity vote at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards (hereinafter referred to as 2021 AAA) despite controversy over his private life. 

Kim Seon-ho is currently ranked first in the male actor category in the 2021 AAA U+ Idol Live Popularity Award. He is leading the way with more than 530,000 votes, more than 86,000 votes different from Cha Eun-woo, who is in second-place.

Will Kim Seon-ho attend 2021 Asia Artist Awards?

The 2021 AAA U+ Idol Live Popularity Award is a popularity voting award for singers and actors who have been active for a year since October 2020. Kim Sun-ho attended the 2020 AAA last year and won the Best Emotive Award.

Kim Seon-ho ranked first in voting for AAA’s Popularity Award despite controversy

Meanwhile, Kim Seon-ho was briefly cut off of the advertising industry due to controversy over his private life, but is facing a turnaround as the flow of public opinion changes. Companies that quickly took down Kim Seon-ho’s ads resumed their campaigns, and his debut movie “Sad Tropics” will also begin filming within this year without dropping off. 

The news of Kim Seon-ho‘s return to acting and advertising was reported, giving a green light to the actor’s activities. People are focusing their attention on whether Kim Seon-ho will be able to overcome his controversy, attend the awards ceremony and proudly win the Popular Male Actor Award.

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