Who is this actor, who has been actor Kim Soo Hyun’s friend for 10 years?

Actor Kim Soo Hyun shared the recent status of an actor, who has been his close friend for 10 years.

Actor and painter Park Ki Woong is drawing attention by holding a solo exhibition, which consists of his several masterpieces under the theme “villain.”

park ki woong

Park Ki Woong, who has been promoting as a painter for three years, will hold his third exhibition. From January 11th to April 11th, he will unveil his new works through “48 VILLAINS” as a part of the “2023 Seoul Sky Special Exhibition” at the Seoul Sky Special Exhibition Hall at Lotte World Tower Observatory.

Park Ki Woong said that he put his life as a 20-year actor into his 48 new works.

Actor Kim Soo Hyun, who has become Park Ki Woong’s close friend since working together in the 2013 film “Secretly, Greatly,” posted a photo of Park’s exhibition on his personal SNS, drawing even more attention.

park ki woong

Kim Soo Hyun also posted a friendly photo with Park Ki Woong while holding a bouquet to cheer for his 10-year friend’s art activities.

Another actor Lee Hyun Woo, who also worked together with Park in the movie “Secretly, Greatly,” posted a photo of his visit to the exhibition on his personal SNS. He expressed his affection for Park Ki Woong by saying, “Cool Woonggie Park Ki Woong ♥.”

park ki woong

Meanwhile, Park Ki Woong made his debut in the entertainment industry in 2005 with the movie “Kaidan.” He was praised as a face that has both good and evil features on, and showed perfect acting skills across good and evil roles.

In his debut year, Park Ki Woong built his name through the MBC drama “Chosun Police.” Since then, he has consistently appeared in movies and dramas to prove his acting skills.

As an actor who has challenged many roles, he is famous for perfecting many different roles, from innocent roles to villains.

park ki woong

His unexpected charm drew keen attention when he played in KBS2’s “The Slave Hunter.” His fandom at the time expanded greatly as he surprised viewers with the eerie vibe coming from his role.

Park Ki Woong has not had much acting activities since his special appearances on wavve’s “You Raise Me Up” and KBS2’s “The King’s Affection” in 2021.

During his hiatus from the acting industry, he continued to expand his career without a break through his art activities.

park ki woong

Meanwhile, Park Ki Woong will return to the small screen in mid-March through tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “First Lady.” It is also said that the SBS drama “My Man Is Cupid,” which was scheduled to air late last year, has changed its schedule for some reason and will be aired this year.

Attention is focusing on how Park Ki Woong, who will return to the public as an actor after a long time, will surprise the audience like how he did with his past roles.

Source: News Ade

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