Where Are The Cast of Korean R-rated Film “A Frozen Flower” Now? 

“A Frozen Flower” created a stir upon its release 16 years ago. So, what's the cast doing now?

16 Years Ago, “A Frozen Flower” Made Waves

“A Frozen Flower” made a splash 16 years ago. It garnered numerous nominations at prestigious Korean film awards like the Grand Bell, Baeksang, and Blue Dragon Awards. But alongside its accolades, the film also stirred up some controversy.

A Frozen Flower

“A Frozen Flower”: A Historical Epic of Forbidden Love and Desire

The storyline of “A Frozen Flower” revolves around three central characters: King Gong Min, Queen No Guk, and Hong Rim, the leader of the royal guard. Gong Min, a king of both intellect and martial prowess, holds a forbidden secret—he’s given his heart entirely to Hong Rim.

A Frozen Flower

Gong Min has his own queen, but he doesn’t love her. In the palace, Queen No Guk, feeling isolated, longs for love and affection. When she encounters Hong Rim, she quickly succumbs to desire. Conversely, Hong Rim also falls into this whirlwind, torn between loyalty to the king and his feelings for the queen.

As No Guk and Hong Rim’s bond deepens, Gong Min’s jealousy ignites. He ultimately orders Hong Rim’s castration and imprisonment. Realizing that Gong Min will eliminate anyone aware of their relationship, No Guk warns Hong Rim’s loyalists to rescue him.

Driven by madness, Gong Min relentlessly pursues Hong Rim, even if it means shedding blood. In the end, Hong Rim decides to kill the king, leading to a deadly confrontation. When Gong Min hears Hong Rim confess that he never loved him, he lets go and embraces death. Hong Rim meets a similar fate, leaving No Guk to witness their tragic end.

“A Frozen Flower” Boasts an Impressive Cast. Where Are They Now?

A Frozen Flower

The film boasted a strong cast, featuring some of the industry’s most renowned names. So, what have the main actors been up to since then?

Song Ji Hyo

A Frozen Flower song ji hyo

In “A Frozen Flower,” Song Ji Hyo portrayed Queen No Guk. To fully embody the role, Song Ji Hyo boldly performed scenes to heighten the film’s emotional depth. However, this garnered criticism from some audiences, who felt she compromised her image.

Despite the backlash, Song Ji Hyo stands by her dedication to the film:

“For nine months, I poured my heart into this role. Most of the intimate scenes were shot about 40 times. When I took on this project, I didn’t dwell on the extent of nudity involved. For me, it wasn’t about that; those scenes were meant to deepen the audience’s understanding of the characters. Alongside portraying the director’s vision, I aimed to convey emotions through facial expressions.”

Since “A Frozen Flower,” Song Ji Hyo has remained active in both television and film. Her latest film, “Meeting House,” failed to generate much buzz. Prior to this, her last big-screen appearance was in 2020. On TV, after the 2021 drama “The Witch’s Diner,” Song Ji Hyo hasn’t had any notable works. Her only role in the past three years was a cameo in “Shooting Stars.”

Joo Jin Mo

A Frozen Flower joo jin mo

In “A Frozen Flower,” Joo Jin Mo portrayed King Gong Min, a role that earned him acclaim at the Baeksang Awards. Despite being a familiar face to K-drama fans, Joo Jin Mo’s career took a hit in 2019 due to a personal scandal involving leaked private messages, tarnishing his reputation.

While the hacker responsible was punished, Joo Jin Mo’s acting career suffered. Since his last project, “The Battle: Roar to Victory,” alongside Han Ye Seul, he hasn’t appeared in any other works.

Jo In Sung

In stark contrast, Jo In Sung has made a triumphant return in 2023. On TV, he starred in the globally popular series “Moving.”


In the series, Jo In Sung played Kim Doo Shik, a spy with a knack for aerial maneuvers, married to Lee Mi Hyun (Han Hyo Joo). On the big screen, he was one of the lead actors in the 2023 blockbuster “Smugglers,” grossing nearly $37.8 million.

Aside from these works, Jo In Sung is starring in the film “Hope,” featuring Hwang Jung Min, Jung Ho Yeon, Alicia Vikander, and Michael Fassbender. Expected to hit theaters in the second half of 2024, “Hope” is highly anticipated.

Source: K14

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