TWICE Jihyo, “The food at JYP’s cafeteria taste like home-cooked meals. I once ran away during my trainee days”

TWICE member Jihyo had a pleasant talk with Kangnam.

On August 21st, Kangnam uploaded on his Youtube channel “Kangnami” a new video titled, “I made a huge crepe cake with TWICE Jihyo”.

That day, Kangnam spent time sharing various talks with TWICE Jihyo, who recently made her solo debut, while completing the mission of making 600 crepes. Jihyo shared, “I asked the composer who has worked with me many times before to join the recording”, adding “I recorded the song then sent the audio to PD Park Jin Young to get his confirmation. Later, he called me and said, ‘Jihyo, you did really well. But let’s discuss and change just one Korean word’. After that, we spent two hours recording it again”, revealing how Park Jin Young paid attention to small details.

Jihyo, who spent 10 years under JYP as a trainee and 9 years as an idol singer, explained her solo debut preparation. She said, “It was so hard that I even thought of running away for the first time since my debut”, adding “The recording was not easy. At first, I was very ambitious so I said I would do even the chorus, but later on, I just gave up.”

In addition, Kangnam mentioned the story of TWICE members secretly eating six meals under the name of Stray Kids Bang Chan because they were banned from using JYP’s cafeteria in the past for dieting. Jihyo explained, “It wasn’t me, but probably our Japanese members”, adding, “I think it was Sana and Momo. Chan was okay with it”.

When asked about her current diet, Jihyo said, “I don’t eat much but I can’t go on extreme diet like starving myself since I didn’t eat much during my trainee days. Now I just eat whatever I want”, adding “When I was a trainee, my desire to eat more was so strong that it eventually caused me to gain more weight”. 

Kang Nam confessed, “I want to try the food at JYP’s cafeteria. I heard it’s very delicious”. In response, Jihyo said, “It is. It really tastes like home cooked meal”. Kangnam then said, “I even know that JYP spent 2 billion won a year on food”, adding “I actually failed JYP audition in the past”, surprising Jihyo. 

Jihyo shared, “When I was young, there was a talent contest for kids and my mom sent me there. I guess she wanted me to become a celebrity”, adding “I just applied for the contest and eventually ranked 2nd place. The current JYP staff who cast me was at a different company at that time. I spent a year training at that company then moved to JYP together with the staff and we’ve been together until now.”

In addition, Jihyo said, “I ran away once (during my 11 years as a trainee)”, adding “I tried to escape once. I went to my aunt’s house and got caught right away. I was a high school senior back then. Looking back on it, I think I almost got into big trouble”, revealing a behind story of her trainee days. 

Source: Nate

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