This “Business Proposal” actress prepared for just 3 months, yet got into a top university

A K-drama actress easily overcame the Korean’s college entrance exam (CSAT), which is called “the first difficulty in life”. 

Seol In Ah, who started out as an idol trainee in the second year of middle school and entered the entertainment industry, said that she felt the need to go to college because of some unknown anxiety, just 3 months before the entrance exam.

Seol In Ah, who decided to go to college, learned the basics of dance from her dancing friends, combined the hip-hop she learned as a trainee, and created her own dance choreography, eventually getting accepted into Seoul Institute of the Arts.

seol in ah

In 2015, Seol In Ah first appeared on TV in the KBS drama “The Producers”, where she played a high school student anti-fan. With her natural talent and her sincere efforts, she has since continued her acting activities.

In 2022, the actress transformed into the lovely and cute Jin Young Seo in SBS’ “Business Proposal”, and received numerous favorable reviews for her immersive acting. Her outstanding chemistry with co-star Kim Min Kyu (also known as Kim Min Gyu or Kim Min Gue), also earned them the “Best Couple Award” at the 2022 SBS Drama Awards.

seol in ah

After her excellent performance in “Business Proposal”, Seol In Ah is expected to show a sweet chemistry with actor Yoon Shi Yoon in 2023. 

In particular, Seol In Ah, who has grown into a rising star, will collaborate with Yoon Shi Yoon in the movie “When Our Love Remains as a Scent” (literal translation), which is scheduled for release this February. 

“When Our Love Remains as a Scent” is a magical romance film about Yoon Shi Yoon, who is not in the mood for work or dating, and Seol In Ah, who has everything but has trouble dating.

Here, Seol In Ah plays the role of A Ra, a woman who fell in the scent of love, while Yoon Shi Yoon will assume the role of male lead Chang Soo, who has given up on dating.

Source: Daum

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