This actress already filmed “Alchemy of Souls”, but quitted and was replaced by Jung So Min

A rookie actress was the first choice for the female lead role in “Alchemy of Souls”, only to exit the project after. 

During its air, the fantasy-historical drama “Alchemy of Souls” drew a lot of controversy for its change of female leads between 2 seasons. In particular, Jung So Min assumes the role of the female lead Mu Deok/Naksu/Bu Yeon in season 1, only for Go Yoon Jung to take up her mantle in season 2. Nevertheless, there was one actress before the both of them – a rookie who was originally casted for the series.

Jung So Min
Jung So Min
Go Yoon-jung
Go Yoon Jung

In particular, when the project of “Alchemy of Souls” was first announced, it was rookie actress Park Hae Eun that was listed as the leading actress. She even appeared on the movie set and did one day worth of filming, only to leave the project over alleged “poor acting skills”. After such an announcement, the production team was immediately slammed for their career-breaking statement, and had to explain that Park Hae Eun felt herself unfit for the role, and so quitted on her own terms. As a result, Jung So Min was selected to fill her position, pulling off an excellent performance despite having to adjust to a completely new set and styling that was catered to somebody else. 

park hae eun alchemy of souls
Park Hae Eun already filmed for “Alchemy of Souls”…
jung so min
… But Jung So Min ended up filling her position

In addition, when images of Park Hae Eun on the “Alchemy of Souls” set were spread, most people agreed that she didn’t fit the role. The actress was too youthful and innocent, they said, while the female lead was a sassy assassin, and she wouldn’t be able to pull it off. 

Park Hye-eun

On the other hand, while Park Hae Eun didn’t get to shine in “Alchemy of Souls”, she earned a supporting role in the K-drama “Adamas”, a complex but more suitable role for her. In fact, with her role of the unstable and hateful Sun, Park Hae Eun gained a lot of praise for her acting skills, though “Adamas” was unfortunately not a commercial success. 

park hae eun

At the moment, Park Hae Eun is said to be reportedly starring as the female lead in “The Borrowed Body”.  Strangely enough, this is also a project that has to do with the theme of exchanging souls, similar to “Alchemy of Souls”. Hopefully, the actress will shine spectacularly this time around. 

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Photo: Naver, tvN

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