There was originally a sad ending version of ‘My Dearest’ “Divided opinions”

The fact that there was originally a sad ending version of "My Dearest" is attracting attention

On Jan 25th, a review of the book talk by writer Hwang Jin-young of MBC’s “My Dearest” held the day before was spread through online communities.

According to the sad ending version revealed by writer Hwang, Gil-chae (played by Ahn Eun-jin) was supposed to go looking for Jang-hyun (played by Namkoong Min), who had lost his memory.

nam gong min ahn eun jin

Jang-hyun leaves to find Gil-chae and arrives at Neunggun-ri, where Gil-chae also arrives looking for Jang-hyun. She meets an old man in Neunggun-ri, who informs her that Jang-hyun has died, expressing regret for the person who sacrificed their life for the prisoners. Gil-chae lies down on Jang-hyun’s grave, and snow falls on her, covering her. However, Gil-chae, who thinks that what Jang-hyun wants is for her to live boldly, encounters Jang-hyun’s apparition on her way down the mountain and shares an ardent conversation, concluding the story.

Upon the revelation of this sad ending version, netizens have shown various reactions, demonstrating the enduring popularity of “My Dearest”.

Fans of “My Dearest” commented, “Such a heartbreaking ending“, “Just reading about it breaks my heart“, “I hope Jang-hyun and Gil-chae find happiness“, “A sad ending should never happen“…

Source: Daum

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