The Rise of Underwear-Exposing Fashion Among Female Singers: Huh Yun-jin, Jennie, Taeyeon & More

These Korean music industry’s hot girls captivate fans with their confident visuals in underwear exposure fashion

First of all, Huh Yun-jin of LE SSERAFIM recently created hot topics with her pantless look in the teaser videos ahead of the group’s comeback on February 21st. At that time, a heated debate was raised over the scene in which Huh Yun-jin walked confidently while wearing short pants reminiscent of underwear. Some expressed concerns over the excessive underwear exposure while some showed positive reactions praising the female idol for “leading the trend”. 

le sserafim-yunjin

Leaving a strong impact just by her short scene Huh Yun-jin later shocked the public with another unconventional outfit. This time, she wore short hot pants but unbuckled the button to expose a bit of her underwear. Although the styling suited her “hot girl” concept, some netizens expressed disappointment because the tight pants did not match her loose underwear at all. 

Despite the criticism, Huh Yun-jin still earned enormous popularity. There are still many people who applauded the LE SSERAFIM member for her bold and confident moves regardless of public reactions.

le sserafim kim chae won

Prior to this, LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chae-won once attracted attention with her pantless look with underwear exposure on SBS M’s “The Show” stage last year. The female singer drew admiration from female fans by flaunting her perfect body with soft skin and a healthy vibe.

Known for her bold personality, Jessi also made headlines when she appeared at “Ssenunni” comeback showcase in 2015 with a sagging look. Digesting the revealing costume, Jessi impressed the public with her confidence and charismatic visual, and highlighted her aura.

Apart from stars who take advantage of underwear-exposing clothes on stage to make them look strong and emphasize their individuality, some wear this fashion in their daily lives. Girls’ Generation members Hyoyeon & Taeyeon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie are among them.

In 2022, Hyoyeon aroused keen interest when she uploaded a selfie in the practice room. The female idol was taking a mirror selfie while wearing unbuttoned dark jeans to expose her underwear a little. Last year, Girls’ Generation’s leader Taeyeon caused a stir online when she showcased her unique fashion sense by matching a waist-exposed monokini with unbuttoned blue pants. Already having a skinny body, Taeyeon looked even slimmer in the loose jeans.

Jennie released a legendary restroom selfie in 2022. The BLACKPINK member wowed fans and netizens with her smooth waistlines in CK underwear and pants that were boldly unbuttoned.

Source: Daum

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