The Nine Muses members to be bridesmaids for a former member’s wedding, showing their loyalty

The members of the girl group Nine Muses, who officially disbanded in February 2019, got together after a long time.

On the 28th, Keumjo announced on her SNS that she would marry musical actor Baek Ki-bum and released pre-wedding pictorials.


The released pictorial shows Keumjo wearing a bright pink wedding dress and showing off their beautiful appearance.


Nine Muses members will also celebrate Keumjo’s wedding as bridesmaids.

nine muse geumjo instagram

Geumjo said, “Dear sisters who gathered all together. I’m pretty, proud, and reassured,” he said, expressing her happy feelings


In addition, Geumjo praised the beauty of the members, saying, “It’s a brave choice to call Nine Muses for a bridesmaid shoot.”

nine muse geumjo instagram

Many people were happy to see the loyal members of Nine Muses gathering right away for Geumjo, saying, “It’s good to see friendship.”

nine muse geumjo instagram

Source: insight

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