The identity of the person who submitted a petition opposing Min Hee-jin’s dismissal was revealed

YouTuber Calm Down Man (real name Lee Byung-gun) revealed that he submitted a petition opposing the dismissal of Min Hee-jin, CEO of NewJeans' agency ADOR

On May 26th, Calm Down Man conducted a live broadcast on his YouTube channel for about 2 hours. He stated, “I’ll keep it short. It’s true that I submitted the petition against the dismissal of CEO Min Hee-jin.”

He continued, “Some people speculated that I wrote it sneakily as ‘Lee Byung-gyun’, but that’s nonsense. I’m the one who submitted the petition.”

On May 24th, domestic and international staff who had worked with CEO Min Hee-jin submitted a petition to the court opposing her dismissal. The list included notable names such as Shin Woo-seok, CEO of Dolphiners Films, and Lee Byung-gyun, which led netizens to speculate that the latter was Calm Down Man.


Calm Down Man clarified, “The petition was mistakenly written as Lee Byung-gyun due to a typing error. I didn’t try to hide my identity.”

NewJeans appeared on Calm Down Man’s channel last year to promote their song “OMG”.

Calm Down Man further explained, “Some might ask why I wrote the petition. It was purely out of personal sentiment. It’s not about whether HYBE or ADOR is good or bad. I simply didn’t want CEO Min to be dismissed. When I met her, I felt that the synergy between NewJeans and CEO Min was strong, and they seemed to have a good relationship. I sensed that she took pride in her work.”

He added, “The petition isn’t something that needs to be explained. I don’t understand the notion of taking sides. It was purely about my feelings regarding the dismissal and nothing more.”

Meanwhile, there have also been petitions against CEO Min Hee-jin from HYBE. Prominent figures such as Han Sung-soo of Pledis and So Sung-jin of Source Music were listed.

HYBE filed a complaint against CEO Min Hee-jin for breach of duty last month. ADOR has applied for a court injunction to prohibit HYBE from exercising voting rights. HYBE plans to hold an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting for ADOR on May 31st.

Source: daum

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