The director of “All Of Us Are Dead” revealed the plan for season 2 and Cheong-san’s possible revival  

Director Lee Jae-kyu of Netflix’s original “All Of Us Are Dead” revealed the possibility of a season 2. 

※ There are spoiler details in this article. 

Director Lee Jae-kyu recently had a video interview online with Wiki Tree on the morning of Feb 7th and talked about various things regarding “All Of Us Are Dead“.

All Of Us Are Dead” is a series that tells the story of students who were isolated in a school where the zombie virus began to spread and had to stay together to survive while waiting to be rescued. From the 29th of last month to Feb 6th, the series has topped the Netflix TV show category.

The director of All Of Us Are Dead

Director Lee said, “If Season 1 does just a little bit better and can do well in the long run as well, I think it will be a stepping stone for Season 2,” adding, “Personally, I want to do Season 2, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet.”

He then hinted, “If Season 1 shows a contrast in how young teenagers and adults try to survive the boundary between life and death, Season 2 will be the main story of zombies in contrast to human groups.”

The director of All Of Us Are Dead

In episode 11 of season 1, there is a scene where the main character Lee Cheong-san (Yoon Chan-young), goes head to head with the immortal zombie, villain Gwi-nam (Yoo In-soo), and chooses to die.  Many viewers have expressed regret over Cheong-san’s death and demanded that he be resurrected in season 2.

The director of All Of Us Are Dead

Regarding this, director Lee said, “If Cheongsan comes back to life, there will be mixed reactions. Some people will not accept the outcome, while some will enjoy it. We definitely had a plan in mind, but it’s hard to talk about it now.”

At the same time, he explained, “We are alreayd wondering that ‘What if Cheong-san and other actors entered season 2 as they are now’. At least, I want to tell a more advanced story than season 1.”

The director of All Of Us Are Dead

Director Lee Jae-gyu also showed his special affection for his beloved character Cheong-san. He said, “I cried a lot while monitoring Cheong-san’s death. It was heartbreaking watching a child make such a choice to protect his friends. I feels proud and sad when he comforts himself by shouting, ‘I’m the happiest guy in this school today'”.

The director of All Of Us Are Dead
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